Mr. Paul Kellett

Programme Manager, United for Efficiency, UNEP

Mr. Paul Kellett, B.E. M.IEI, Ireland
Programme Manager, United for Efficiency, UN Environment Programme
Energy and Climate Branch, Economy Division, Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 44 37 42 57
Mobile: +353 87 6777194

Current Responsibilities, Duties

Paul is responsible for the day to day management of UN Environment’s $57 M Global United for Efficiency (U4E) Market Transformation Programme for more energy efficient appliances and equipment, supporting developing countries and emerging economies to fully move their markets to more energy-efficient appliances and electrical equipment. The U4E programme maintains and builds relations with countries and private sector partners which include all the major global electrical equipment manufacturers. The global programme enables the faster and more widespread uptake of much more efficient electric lighting, cooling appliances, general service motors and power distribution transformers in more than 40 developing and emerging economies, saving them up to 20% of their electricity consumption. The global U4E programme is based on proven market transformation and modern technology procurement strategies following regional regulatory harmonisation and national level integrated policy approaches.

Successful Implementation of First Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Labels for Energy Efficient LED Lighting in Pakistan – United for Efficiency (

Capabilities / Areas of Expertise
Paul received the European Commission’s highest award for new energy technology diffusion, The European Energy Award. His expertise and experience covers a range of energy areas including – Energy Management in Large Buildings and Industries; Modern Renewable Energy Supply; Power Transmission and Distribution System Infrastructure Planning; Sustainable Energy Technology Procurement, Financing and Energy Market Policy Design and Regulation Support to Governments, Industry and the General Public.

Work Experience
Paul has been involved in the development and delivery of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and market transformation programmes over the past 20 years. This includes over 10 years managing the Irish Energy Centre’s programmes in the areas of Industrial and Building Energy Efficiency and as the Manager of the National Renewable Energy Programme in Ireland.

Paul also served for 10 years on the European Network for Renewable Energy, EnR. He has been responsible for managing International Energy Agency’s technology agreements and the establishment of the Irish renewable energy training academy. He managed the Irish sustainable energy research, development and demonstration programme which includes industrial efficiency, transport, renewables, smart grids/networks and net-zero/passive buildings.

With the Irish renewable energy team he received the EU Commission’s highest award for technology diffusion, The European Energy Award, for establishing the framework for 80% renewable electricity in Ireland from a zero base, with 5,000 MW of new renewable wind power now constructed and a further 5,000 MW under construction – currently wind-generated electricity in Ireland accounts for up to 70% of daily electricity usage in the winter period.

Educational Background

Paul is a Mechanical Engineer from the National University of Ireland (NUI Galway) and is a member of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland and of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, ASHRAE.


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Practical means to achieving Energy Efficiency in Central Asia

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