Nilofar Ghazanfar

Head International Business Development, Ghazanfar Group
Ms. Ghazanfar comes from a large family from the North of Afghanistan. She grew up for most of her life in
the United Arab Emirates with her family and was largely invested in voluntary and charity work throughout
her years of schooling. She has been actively working in the political and corporate sectors with wide support
from her family, allowing her to hone her social and academic skills while contributing to her extensive
knowledge and empathy towards her culture and the global population.

Ms. Ghazanfar is fluent in Dari, Uzbek, English, Arabic, French and Urdu in reading, writing and speaking.
She has completed various certificates in regards to business management and policy administration.

2015: Graduated from Dubai American Academy with International Baccalaureate Degree
2015: Interned at Islington Law Center
2016: Interned at the British Consulate in United Arab Emirates
2017: Internet at the Afghanistan Embassy in United Kingdom
2018: Graduated from South Oriental and African School of Studies with a BA in Politics and International
2018: Started working at Ghazanfar Group as an Executive Assistant to the Chairman and CEO
2019: Continued at Ghazanfar Group as Projects Coordinator.

Ghazanfar Group of Companies was established 1910, Ghazanfar Group and is a family owned business operating
in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas, trading, security, media, agriculture and energy.
Ms. Ghazanfar has been specializing in the energy and hydrocarbons sector, with leading the coordination of
the first gas power plant in Afghanistan, the Mazar IPP 50MW supported by the IFC, World Bank, first privately
funded hydrocarbons exploration and exploitation project, the Afghan Tajik Project and in the country’s
largest national cement plant, the Samangan Cement Plant with an annual production of approximately
1million tons alongside other small scale infrastructure, energy and mining national projects the group is involved

Ms. Ghazanfar is also a board member at the AmCham of the American Embassy in Afghanistan. An organization
aimed at bringing together American firms and Afghan businesses in touch and creating a platform for
American businesses to interact and familiarize with the Afghan market.

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Balancing Risks and Returns in Times of Transition

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